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RFID reader: high safety the most important

Creator (China) Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2016

The security of RFID tags only as high as the security of RFID reader to read it. In other words, Advanced RFID tags only on a 64-bit encryption algorithm tag card reader or when a host supports the 64-bit encryption algorithm to be useful.
As with RFID tags, currently most of the RFID card reader on the market support only the minimum level of security, and with older encryption algorithms and the key length is too short, which makes them very easy to break. Higher security new card reader supports advanced encryption algorithms, and also supports a simple encryption algorithm. They also allow password-protected and allow multiple encryption on an RFID tag optional encryption algorithm used in the area.
As the proverb says, change is constant. Security and RFID applications as well. Encryption algorithms are constantly updated and improved, the key growing long and strong. Because RFID is an emerging technology, and RFID labels feature set is expected to continue to evolve over time to meet changing supply chain requirements.
When the choice of RFID tags and RFID readers should remember that some reader can only upgrade by manually changing the hardware in the device. Imagine, if you want to send maintenance personnel to every entrance of a building demolition and update each reader, to the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer every step of removing and updating thousands of readers, it would be a very troublesome thing. Flexibility is the key feature of RFID systems. New RFID reader can simply upload a new firmware upgrade for all devices in the network through the network.
This RFID reader supports Internet firmware upgrade also allows multiple readers in a single remote location network upgrade.

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