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Medium dispensergift dispenser box issuing machine box dispenser U key dispenser U key issuing machine

    • CRT-591-H Dual Hopper Card Issuing Machine

      Contact NowCRT-591-H Dual Hopper Card Issuing MachineModel No.:CRT-591-H Product Features: •Enable retract & issue IC/RFID/Magnetic card •with hook mechanism, fixed card thickness(For flat card or embossed card) •Dual removable stacker, anti-reversing design when loading up card •With dual card stackers, dual error card bins design, support...Read More

    • CRT-591M Ticket/Card Issuing Machine

      Contact NowCRT-591M Ticket/Card Issuing MachineProduct Features:
      •IC/RFID Card read/write
      •With cards pre-empty and empty detection
      •Internal card receiving function with a card box or receiving channel
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    • CRT-591-B Phone Card Issuing Machine

      Contact NowCRT-591-B Phone Card Issuing MachineModel No.:CRT-591-B Product Features: •IC card retracting & issuing machine, compatible with standard ISO card & half-sized card •Dual hook mechanics: patented, enable to retract and issue card in different size with easy operation •RS232C & PC/SC dual channel control method to...Read More

    • CRT-531 AFC System Card Dispenser

      Contact NowCRT-531 AFC System Card DispenserProduct Features:
      •Wheel rubbing against dual sim card design effective output
      •Easy and precise card adjustment by turn-knob device
      •With cards pre-empty detection
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    • CRT-591-C Desktop Card Issuing Machine

      Contact NowCRT-591-C Desktop Card Issuing MachineModel No.:CRT-591-C Product Features: •IC /RFID card(optional) card read/write, magnetic card read only •Enable to retract IC/RFID/Magnetic card •Portable light card issuing device •Banks’ mandatory requirements complied •Support Bluetooth with status indicator •Rechargeable lithium battery with...Read More

    • CRT-740-B Medium Dispenser

      Contact NowCRT-740-B Medium DispenserModel No.:CRT-740-B Product Features: •Support dispensing 2 medias in different size with scanning, retracting & detecting function •Both 1 & 2D code readable •Barcode readability can be improved by automatic moving the media •Electronic shutter •Flexible customizable •Patent technology...Read More

    • CRT-591 IC/RFID/Magnetic Card Issuing Machine

      Contact NowCRT-591 IC/RFID/Magnetic Card Issuing MachineProduct Features:
      •IC/RF/Magnetic card read/write
      •Card dispensing with card reading/writing function,reliable,stable and high compatibility
      •Effectively prevend fraud by card jitter control function
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    • CRT-541 Prepaid Card Dispenser

      Contact NowCRT-541 Prepaid Card DispenserProduct Features:
      •Output gap fixed designagainst dual card feeding
      •Easy and precise card adjustment by turn-knob device
      •Pre-issuing capabilities to speed up issuing speed
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