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How To Maintenance The Motor Card Reader?

Creator (China) Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2018

how to maintenance the motor card reader?

The motor card reader CRT-310-N Preventive and Maintenance:

motor card reader

The reader should be maintained after the appropriate interval of use:

1) When the transportation roller is dirt, please use cleaning card with alcohol

2) Dip the cleaning card into alcohol and execute card transportation command to clean the internal area.

3) Periodic maintenance: 

For sensor, magnetic head and IC contact, suggest a maintenance every 2,000 times 

① Sensor maintenance: Connect reader first and operate DEMO to query & check sensor status. In the initial status (No card inside), the all status of sensor are “OFF”, and if there is a sensor status show as ”ON”, the maintenance of this sensor group is needed. 

② IC contact maintenance: If any dirt is founded on the IC contact, please use cleaning card with alcohol to clean. Use method: After insert cleaning card, please execute auto test card type function to clean the IC contact.

③ Roller maintenance: Use card transportation command and cleaning card.

④ Magnetic head maintenance: Use card transportation command and cleaning card

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