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Sharp’s Liquid Crystal Display IC Card Reader Faster, Smoother

Creator (China) Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 16, 2018

A liquid crystal display reader, which allows users to make payments with a quick wave of an IC card, on April 5 (Provided by Sharp Corp.)

Sharp Corp. has developed a super-smooth and fast liquid crystal display (LCD) IC card reader that allows users to pay for items with just a quick wave of a card, the company announced April 5.

The electronics giant wants to install the new display at its cash registers and vending machines, and is now in the process of negotiating with several companies about introducing the technology.

Smartphones with the “Osaifu-Keitai” mobile wallet function, as well as IC cards accepted on public transport and in shops, currently exchange information with readers at distances of up to several centimeters by using wireless radio waves.

Those readers have built-in metal antennas, but when Sharp tried to build the antennas into LCDs, they obscured the displays.

Sharp overcame the problem by using super-thin antennas and attaching them to LCDs, creating the sensitive and speedy new display without compromising its appearance.

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